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Saturday, April 16, 2011

why pancakes we called as HOTcakes?

i am craving for this sweet pancakes since i went to Perhentian Island,, i don't know why but my mind is always remind me about the pancakes,, it makes me crazy & crazy & crazy & crazy to eat that stuff,, sighs! i am not wanita-mengamdung-yang mengidam-na-makan-macam-macam ok,, it just, i wanna eat that sweet pancakes! that's all,, i've been wanting & waiting for one whole week until i can eat this pancakes at Mc Donalds for my breakfast, YESTERDAY! what a greatfull day i had =D

how much am i craving for that kind of stuff? when my friends were talking about hot guys/girls, suddenly i said "hot is pancake!",, they all stared at me and i just smiled,, haha! thanks to my lovely tiny sweet little driver, Tie for the HOTbreakfast,, i'm so thankful,,

2 hotcakes with sausage + hash brown + milo ice =D

at first, i want to order this and eat ALONE! =D

peduli ape orang na kata, makan sampai puas!

at last, i thougt that it would be nice if i ordered the family set =.="

science inovation's disscussion was held HERE.

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