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Monday, January 10, 2011

when we get bored


first time when our feet step on block SITI UMAR AL-FAROUK, after a month and a half long holidays, after 2 days damn tired bored orientation days, shopping is the best medicine that we could think at that moment,, haha! don't worry too much,, typical girls nowadays,, =D

our first week here, right after the class, ' hello! pacik sewa kereta? we want to rent a car, please~ IMMEDIATELY! ' lalalalala~ usual place - giant / mydin - =.=" we ol da kebal sangat da ngan tempat tu,, we went shopping & buying & taking pictures & picking & choosing &&& until the trolly was FULLY LOADED! ehem! 6 people went shopping ok,, =D

1st time i'm wearing shoes,, it is damn cold inside there,, =.="

this is our activities when the others were looking for shoes,, =D


& then, after our feet started to nag because of too much walking, we went to our beloved station, MC DONALDS! =D lalalalala~ ( my body already mad at me because i'm not eating well,, hehe~ )

i met wolverine there! =D

did you know how much i spent on that day? let us see the bill & the stuff okeyh? =D

ehem! quite long aaa~ =.='

 & it is RM 90.10 cash! lalalalala~ sigh! =.=" no more lalalala la Anis!

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