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Saturday, January 15, 2011

sweet @ sweat evening??

one bright evening, we had planned to play netball,, unfortunately, court bolajaring sekali boley buat kolam renang daaaa~ so, we changed it,, JOGGING!

taking picture is NECESSARY!

after 15minutes taking the pics, we started to warm-up,,

we started to walk before we jog,,

& taking the picture again,, hehe~

after 20minutes,, sigh! =.="

tired~ pancit sudaaaa,,

while walking to our 'palace',,

we found a couple! =D -pasangan nyah- haha!

that's all,, we finish our jogging in one hour 
- jog + walk + walk + pic + pic + pic + walk + walk + jog -

p/s : i can conclude that our evening is a sweet evening,, but not for wani, bell & ehsan,, =D

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